This scam was actually launched in November 2014, but it looks like “My Binary Revenge” is back again! Even we got an invitation by an email solicitor and we are still getting many queries associated with this website. It looks like they have already created several fake blogs to promote themselves and they are even promoting this fraudulent software using email solicitation campaigns, one of the cheapest marketing tactics.  But the truth is already revealed. They have been already exposed on the and other binary options blogs and forums within a few weeks after they launched their for the first time.

Back then we did not review this one; hence it’s time now to put it on our Blacklist. This is not reliable software at all and you can judge that easily from its terrible production, very much alike to the new scam “10K in 7 Days” scam. They both use the most irritating type of reverse psychology that we have ever witnessed. You can watch video on the and you’ll get what we’re saying. However, this may sound genuine to new traders so posting this review is compulsory for us! The video opens with the line “You’ve Been Scammed!!!” We wonder what goes through people’s minds when they’re tackled with such lines, though it works on some people.


The narration might attract the people who have been scammed before. Of course, they have made up a story about how the binary options industry has been rigged and that there’s a big conspiracy plan designed only to get you lose your money. So if you sign-up with the Binary Revenge, it will be your payback time to take your revenge by making profits with binary options and ultimately leading you to your winning destiny! Well, it sounds good but the reality is totally opposite and it’s nothing more than a trick to persuade you to sign-up with them.

“I built a super sophisticated software who fights the robots who are forcing you to lose”. Really? Does this guy watch too many Sci-fi movies? We would definitely not fall for this one and we know for sure that it’s a scam based on the testimonials posted on other sites. And we sure would love to hear from any trader that have signed-up with the and give a feedback on it. Feedbacks will help users to decide, who doubt our honesty.  Our aim is to warn new traders about the binary options scams and we have been exposing such scams for years. We have lot of experience in this field and we can say that this software is bogus without even trying it, as we are confident about it. The video starts with the voice actor saying “You’ve Been Scammed!!!”, now this can be a pathetic way or a cheap way to laugh on their potential users. He then brags about how he hacked their algorithms. Who’s he referring to? The Illuminati? We think he’s crazy and we hope that no one falls for this! The claim that really made out a stand as a fraudulent is when the alleged creator of this system says “After today, you will never lose a single trade again!” So are you trying to say that your system will generate 100% ITM performance from now? It’s make no sense at all.

We definitely hope that you’ll take this as a serious warning and will prevent yourself from visiting My Binary Revenge website and will never sign-up with it or any broker who’s collaborated with this scam. Any broker associated with such fake websites is likely a scammer too! We’re fortunate that we still have decent brokers like and, who both are fully EU regulated. And we can bet that they will never work for the scammers like My Binary Revenge. We advise you to start with a Free Demo Account, if you’re new to the binary options or online trading.

We would love to share your feedbacks and comments on My Binary Revenge.

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It’s now becoming difficult to get rid of the fraudulent software Guaranteed Profits as it was launched in 2014 and promoted heavily on shady websites like and other such fake review websites. This fraudulent software is launched again this year, as many of our Watcher’s visitors reported to us about receiving promotional offers from the and that they are again been promoted on various review sites. The problem with such websites like Nancy, is that these sites promotes every new Binary Option software. They do not care about their authenticity as long as they’re paid for their reviews.

We already have many feedbacks from last year concerned with Guaranteed Profits and they’re too bad. Even you can search yourself on this software and will find lots of negative comments on the Warrior Forum and other honest binary option forums and blogs. They did change the pitch video but we doubt that the software is still any good. It’s not easy to believe that the creators of the Guaranteed Profits will come up with something real this time, but still we find it essential to warn people about it.

It’s time to get real now, the pop-up message saying “+$15,000 a day” is really crazy, unrealistic and irritating. We are not interested in fake promises and nobody is. Last year when they came with this software, they claimed to generate a 40-50% ITM, which is the perfect amount to lose your whole money within few trades, hours and days, if you’re lucky. As the creators and brokers of the Guaranteed Profits say in their pitch video, they can lock your account with a bonus. Now this scheme works well with new traders, as they are not aware of the fact that bonuses come with several restrictions and thus prevents you from withdrawing your money. And if you inquire them regarding this, they’ll probably dodge your question or simply give lame excuses to why it’s important to lock your trading account.


The video of the is too funny to ignore and you must watch it for fun. But don’t sign-up with them as you will end up losing all your money. The scariest part is “I… NEVER… LOSE!!!!!!”. Did you notice that each time you refresh your page you’ll get 8 minutes to sign-up? This is another common trick to push visitors to sign-up with them quickly, before they give it a second thought.

These websites give positive reviews on GuaranteedProfit:,,,,,

These sites are mere examples of many such fake review sites. They promote Guaranteed Profits software without any proofs or testimonials. They give positive review on all software and if you try to give a negative comment, it will never be displayed. Those scammers are just into purely advertising business. Please stay away from Guaranteed Profits and all the people who are associated with this bogus software. You can visit our Watcher’s Binary Option Scams, where we have listed all the scams that we reviewed till date. So make sure to visit this Blacklist before signing-up with any such Binary Software services or brokers. You can even check out the Watcher’s Recommended Signals and Communities for trusted Binary Options.

To sum up this review, Guaranteed Profits is a scam. Don’t sign-up with them!

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