Snap Cash Binary is actually a binary options auto trading software. After looking into this product, we don’t recommend it to our readers since there is better and safer system out there.

The fact that you’ve searched for Snap Cash Binary product on Google, means that you received an email promotion or perhaps a follow-up phone call about Snap Cash Binary. After reviewing tons of binary options products and related brokers lately, we decided to give an objective review here.

The income claims, the creator of Snap Cash Binary
Is the creator, Austin Ford is actually a real person? The answer is no. Most likely, Austin Ford is actually an actor. Also, the $1200 per day income claim is actually fake and nothing more than just a hype to push you into buying this software. Even if you deposit just $250 into the recommended broker, there is no way to earn that kind of money in just one day. Also, there is no way to earn “instant profit” for free, like being mentioned below of that video.



The brokers associated with Snap Cash Binary – scam or real?
Whenever a new binary options product released to the market, the first thing we looked is the associated binary brokers. In case you didn’t know, most of these binary options products were associated with unregulated brokers. Which means they don’t follow the law and in most cases, there is no way to get your money back, once you’ve deposited.

Too bad, the brokers recommended by Snap Cash Binary is not regulated. Depending on where you live, you will be assigned a different type of brokers. One of them is Trade Xtra and another one is Prime Brokerz. Both of them are unregulated.

In case you didn’t know, regulation means the license to operate their business. In other words, regulated brokers follow the laws of whatever government agencies issuing the license to them, unregulated ones does not. Usually, forex and binary brokers get their license from CySEC or ASIC. If the broker is regulated, you can earn back the money that you’ve deposited. Otherwise, if you deposit money into the unregulated broker, you have to say goodbye to the hard earned cash.


The software dashboard
If you give in your name, email and real phone numbers, you will be able to access the Snap Cash Binary dashboard. Basically, this is how this software looks like. There is no complicated risk settings or anything. This is actually quite similar to other binary options apps released before, which scammed lots of people.



Also, you cannot try this app on a demo account first, which means, there is no way you can verify whether this software is legit or scam unless you are willing to lose your money. While you can access the users’ dashboard for free, if you want to trade, you need to deposit real money, with a valid credit card. If you choose to trade, then this window will appear.



Can you really make money with Snap Cash Binary?
The answer is: We doubt that. Even if this software works, there is no way you can withdraw the profit, because like being mentioned before, the brokers are still new and unregulated.


Where to go from now?
In case you are serious about making money with binary options, there are a few steps you need to take.

1. Please, make sure the recommended brokers are regulated. Which means, your deposit is safe and you can withdraw them anytime.We highly recommend 24 Options or Stockpair.

2. Test whatever product you want to use on demo account first. It is very rare to see products which allows users to test on demo accounts first, but our #1 recommended program is different. Yes, you can test it on demo account first before depositing real money into your account.

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