There is a new product released to the public, and we believe that you received promotion messages regarding Disrupt Trading software app. This app is created by someone known as Greg Hardman. You might already know this, but Disrupt Trading is actually about binary options auto trading app. We have reviewed tons of binary options apps like this before and Disrupt Trading is not recommended.

Who Disrupt Trading is geared for?
As you can see, Disrupt Trading software is geared specifically for people who are looking for push button software, easy money (probably just like you, by the way). In other words, you want something that can be automated and then you can withdraw profit out of it. And there go the promoters of Disrupt Trading, sending you emails and phone calls hoping that you fall into this trap.

Is Disrupt Trading really free like being advertised?
Short answer: Yes and no. Yes, you can access the software dashboard of Disrupt Trading for free, just like being mentioned on the website, but in order to trade, you need to deposit real money into unregulated binary options broker (which is bad and we don’t recommend it. We’ll explain that later) . Just like other similar cases out there, Disrupt Trading cost you at least $250 to trade. In case you are wondering, let us show you how the Disrupt Trading software app looks like:


The good news is, Disrupt Trading really “promise” you automated, easy money
As you can see in the dashboard above, Disrupt Trading software really comes with the autopilot mode, where it claims you need to deposit real money, turn on the risk settings and then this app will automatically trade for you (wow, just like banks paying you interest every year). For people with zero knowledge about computer programming or trading, they might be impressed with the interface of Disrupt Trading software.

These settings are actually normal for binary options products like these and we have seen tons of them ever since the boom of binary options industry years ago.

Now here comes the bad news:

Bad news #1: No further support from the creator of Disrupt Trading
The creator of Disrupt Trading is not even a real person. We believe that he is an actor. There is no evidence that Greg Hardman is a real trader. In other words, he is not legit. (Oh, did you think that he was a real person?). Therefore, expect to receive no support from the creator, which is very bad. People who jump into binary options trading will be sold with a chance of making easy money. Probably they are newbies with less experience about making money online.

Bad news #2: Expect to lose money with Disrupt Trading app.
While you can turn on the auto trade feature and let this software trade for you, there is no guarantee that it will work. Just like other auto trading apps out there, sometimes you can expect to lose money and sometimes you will have lots of winning rates.

Bad news #3 (and the biggest drawback): While you can make money with Disrupt Trading, you cannot withdraw them.
Disrupt Trading recommends that you deposit money into Secured Options, which is not a regulated broker (click here to Google about Secured Options). The biggest difference between the real trading system and a fake one is the associated broker. A legit trading system recommends a regulated broker, while a fake one doesn’t.

In case you are wondering, regulation means the license to operate their business. Usually, a real, legit binary broker will get a license from government agencies, such as CySEC (Cyprus), FSA (UK) or ASIC (Australia). The legit broker will obey the law and allows you to withdraw fund from your live account, while unregulated ones usually won’t.

Verdict: Do we recommend Disrupt Trading?
Short answer: No. While trading can be automated and you can earn even more money by learning how to make money trading manually, Disrupt Trading is geared for newbies who have zero knowledge about trading and making money online. Don’t get us wrong, binary options itself is a real, legit business system, but Disrupt Trading app, as well as tons of similar apps we’ve encountered before is not.

Did you deposit money into Secured Options already? Sorry to disappoint
In most cases, people who searched at Google a few months later usually will look for ways to withdraw their fund from the broker, Secured Options, Disrupt Trading or anything, you name it. And in most cases, their attempt fail.

If you already deposited money into Disrupt Trading or its recommended broker, then we afraid that you have to say goodbye to your money forever. The next time you received this kind of offers, by all means, please check the recommended brokers, by Googling its name or perhaps checking for its license numbers on their homepage first, before even entering your card credit information.

Alternative to Disrupt Trading
We highly recommend that you test our #1 recommended system, Option Robot. Unlike other systems out there, this app gives you the option to select list of regulated brokers inside the system, and we highly recommend that you choose Stock Pair or 24 Options.

Did we mention that you can test Option Robot on a demo account first?
A real, regulated binary or forex broker must have demo accounts inside their system. This allows the users to trade and get good winning rate first, before putting real money on the line. Otherwise, trading binary options is no difference than gambling.

Click here to read our review about Option Robot or here to visit Option Robot homepage.