By the time we wrote this post, Quantum Cash Machines is just released. You could be wondering, can anyone make money with Quantum Cash Machines? Is it really free like being mentioned on the website?

A little bit about binary options trading
You might already know this, but Quantum Cash Machines is basically about binary options trading. This is actually somewhat different from investing. In trading, you keep buying and selling. Except in binary options, the system is much easier. If you think that the asset is going up, then simply choose call. If you think that the asset is going down, choose put. Some people claim that there is no way you can make money this way, but the truth is, there are lots of people who made money, and in fact, make a killing with binary options trading.

A little bit about Quantum Cash Machines
Quantum Cash Machines is created by someone with the name Chris Barnes. This is actually an auto trading software. Yes, in case you are new, binary options or forex trading can be done by using automated software, even though some professional traders prefer to trade manually.

There is software that you can use to trade binary options or forex. These software works on certain indicators, such as RSI (relative strength index), moving average, stochastic and more.

The problem is, while anyone could possibly make money with binary options trading, Quantum Cash Machines made people think that binary options trading is a get rich quick method to make money online. Well, it is not, by the way.

Why use the over hype sales video?
The reason is simple: There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to make easy money, with just a press of a button every day. In other words, they are push button seekers. These people believe that this kind of software does exist. Therefore, whoever behind the Quantum Cash Machines is, they’ve spent a lot of money on paid actor and professional website.

Is Quantum Cash Machines really free?
Short answer, yes and no. You can access the software dashboard for free, in exchange for your real phone number and email address. In case you are wondering, this is how the Quantum Cash Machines software looks like:


Quantum Cash Machines software looks so simple and but yet professional that anyone with zero knowledge about trading or selling will be impressed and think that the developers know what they are doing.

However, in order to make the money, you need to deposit at least $250 into the broker account. Otherwise, this software won’t work. In the past, we’ve encountered tons of similar binary options apps like this and they keep begging you to deposit money, otherwise, you cannot see how the app work.

Quantum Cash Machines cannot be tested on demo accounts
If you already have some kind of experience with trading, whether forex or binary options, you should realize that real binary brokers and software must have some kind of demo accounts first. This is important so you can test the water first, before putting (and losing) real money on the line. However, Quantum Cash Machines and tons of related binary options products cannot be tested on demo accounts first and this is bad.

We only recommend products that can be tested on demo accounts first, before putting real money on the line. Therefore, you can test how this app works, how to configure it, how to control your budget and whether the trading app really a scam or not.

Can anyone make money with Quantum Cash Machines?
The answer is no and sorry to disappoint. We don’t think that whoever created this app know what they are doing. Real trading software must look like this:


In order to make real money with trading, whether binary options or forex, you must have full control over your budget and also over the recommended software. The recommended software above is our top recommended app and it contains all the necessary indicators that you can utilize and control the budget. You can turn on or off some functions, such as MACD, RSI and more. You can also set the budget and expiry time, which gives you, even more, control over your winning rate.

Where to go from now?
The answer is: Find real products which can be tested on demo accounts first. You should avoid any software that promised some kind of income claim, such as $1200 per day or $3000 per day because people who fell into the product could be anyone, newbies or experts. While making that kind of income is possible to a certain extent, that is for experienced entrepreneurs, but for newbies, making $200 per day is quite hard.

In other words, find only software that doesn’t use hype in their website without fancy sales videos. Otherwise, most likely that product is a scam and you should stay away from it.