As usual, there always lots of hype when a new binary options product being released to the web. The same goes for 10K Everyday App. After looking into the sales video, we don’t recommend this app to our readers. Like most of the binary options products, we’ve seen before, with this product, the bad overweight the good points. 

The good point #1: The website promised you to make $10K per day with this system. This is actually just another hype to push people, especially beginners into signing up for another broker account. Anyone who is new to making money online will probably want to make as much money as possible, and the 10K per day hype is just the thing that they are looking for.

Good point #2: This product is being advertised as free. If it takes nothing more than just your email account, then why not join? This is actually the selling point of Just like similar binary options products we’ve seen before, 10K Everyday App is being advertised as free. This will attract people who want easy, fast money into joining another scheme.

Here come the red flags about this product:
Red flag #1: This product is actually about binary options trading, and if you are into binary options for 2 minutes, you should realize that there is no way you can actually make $10K per day with any binary options system.

A little bit about binary options
In case you are new to binary options, it is actually one simple method of trading online. If you are into forex trading for example, if you think that the asset, let say EURUSD, is going up, then simply you can choose to buy the currency pair. Otherwise, if you think that the asset is going down, then choose to sell. Forex trading and stock market trading had been around for years.

Binary options trading, on the other hand, is basically about choosing call or put. If you think that EURUSD is going up, then choose call. Otherwise, if you think that this pair is going down, then simply choose put. The difference with forex or stock market is with binary options, you can trade almost every day, while forex trading and stock market trading are a slower and requires more budget. 

Why making $10 per day with this system is not possible
If you choose to trade with, then you need to sign up with a binary broker. A binary broker won’t pay you more than your initial investment. If your prediction, let say, EURUSD is correct, then you will gain at least 85% of your initial investment. For example, if you invest $10 per trade, then your prediction, let say EURUSD is correct, then you will gain $18 per trade. However, if your prediction is wrong, then you will lose all $10.

As you can see, there is no way you can earn up to $10 per day with any binary options system, unless if you deposited tons of money into the broker account.

Red flag #2: This product doesn’t recommend a regulated binary options broker
If you are into trading for 2 minutes, you should realize that there is a huge difference between a regulated binary broker and the unregulated ones. Professional traders always find and use regulated brokers. Some binary brokers are regulated and obtain their license from the local government. Some of them do not.

Usually, a regulated binary broker will mention their license numbers as well as the agencies issuing them in their about page of their official website. Usually, they will obtain the license from CySEC, ASIC or FSA UK.

On the other hand, the unregulated binary broker doesn’t have any license. If your broker is not regulated, then there is no way you can withdraw your money, once it was inside. This is actually one of the biggest cons of 10K Every App since you will be connected to the unregulated broker called UBSOption.

Red flag #3: The product itself is so simple that we don’t believe anyone can make money from it. In case you are wondering, let us show how the product itself once you are inside the member’s area:

There are no indicators or trading styles that you can choose from and there is also no way you can control the risk with this app. We have seen real binary options products that work and usually, they will have more options to control your risk and budget., on the other hand, seems like a product that doesn’t work.

Our verdict – Save yourself the time and money. Find other products that work
This software is clearly geared for newbies who are new to making money online and want to get rich quick. There is no way you can make money out of this app and there is also no way you can make up to $10K per day with this system.

Plus, if you think that this app will make you free money, you are actually wrong, because once you entered your name and email inside the website, you will be taken to the broker page, where you need to deposit money and make this software works. Otherwise, there is no way you can see how 10K Everyday App works. 

Looking for the real system that is free to try?
We highly recommend that you always look for a binary options system that allows you to test the robot on a demo account first, before depositing real money on the line. Good binary brokers, usually the regulated ones will always provide some kind of a free demo account first before you can test them on a real account. Check out our top recommended app here or you can also read the tutorial section for more information