Vega System is an over hyped binary options program created by Marc Vena. This is nothing new, there are already tons of such systems before and most of them doesn’t even work.

Can you really make $210,000 per month with Vena Systems?
The short answer is no. Like being mentioned before, this product is basically about binary options trading. In case you are new to binary options, it is actually one method where anyone can make money online by choosing one asset, let say EURUSD, and then make the prediction, whether to choose call or put.

For example, if you think that this asset is going up, then choose call. Otherwise, if you think that it is going down, then choose put. If your prediction is right, then you will be paid 85% of your initial investment. For example, if you choose to invest $10, and your prediction is right, you will be paid $18.5. The $10 is your initial capital and will be returned back to you, while the rest is paid by the binary broker.

As you can see, there is no way you can make up to $210,000 per month with this system, unless if you bet tons of money per trade.

I’m curious here. Show me the dashboard of Vena System
Sure. We have the access of the dashboard and this is how Vena System looks like. Like being mentioned in the website, this software is free to access, as long as you entered the correct email and phone number into the website.

How to make money with Vena System? Is it really free?
All you need to enter is your name, email, phone number, and password. And then you will be taken to the member’s area like being shown above. Yes, the member’s area is free to access, however, in order to make this system works for you, you need to deposit at least $250 into the recommended broker account (and we don’t recommend that you do that). In other words, it is not really free. You need to deposit $250 into the broker account to see how this program works. 

Is there money back guarantee with Vena System?
The short answer is no. The problem with binary options systems like Vena System and tons of other binary options products which we’ve reviewed before is the fact it recommends an unregulated broker. In other words, they are not a real broker. They are just fake companies.

In case you didn’t know, there is a huge difference between a real, regulated broker and fake ones. A regulated binary or forex broker will have some kind of license from the local government, such as CySEC (Cyprus), ASIC (Australia), FSA (UK), FFMS (Russia) and IFSC (Belize). Their license numbers will be mentioned right on their own website and you can check those government websites for confirmation.

Unregulated broker, on the other hand, is not yet licensed. Whether they will be licensed in the future, or perhaps they are not going to have one at all. Either way, we recommend that our readers stay away from unregulated brokers at the moment. Professional traders will always choose a real, regulated forex or binary broker.

The broker associated with Vena System

You will be assigned with different kind of binary broker with the Vena System, depending on your IP address. In our case, we were directed to Trade Xtra, which is not a regulated broker. We cannot find any license number on the Trade Xtra website.

Alternative to Vena System
We highly recommend that you test our #1 recommended app, Option Robot. What makes Option Robot different is the fact you can test it on a demo account first, before putting real money on the line.

Just like the name implies, a demo account is actually a platform where you can test certain robot/strategy first with fake money before putting your hard earned cash into the broker account. Yes, you will be given fake money first, before you can see whether the app is working on real account or not.

Final verdict – We don’t recommend Vena System at all to our readers
The Vena System is just another trap for newbies to sign up for another fake binary options program. Binary options is actually a new industry in the make money online niche, and it is going to get bigger in the future. However, too bad, products like Vena System tarnish the name of this industry and ripping off newbies who don’t know what they are doing.

It is very rare that we recommend any auto trading software but Nuvo Finance is different. Nuvo Finance is a brand new software created by Peter Millen. At first, we are skeptical about this auto trader software, but after checking inside the member’s area, as well as the performance, we have to say that this is a great software.

In this Nuvo Finance review, we will share our feedback concerning this newly discovered money making opportunity created by Nuvo Finance Ltd. The very reason why Nuvo Finance caught our attention is the fact it uses a unique concept to generate revenue for its users. Af first, the company accepted only 100 beta testers, per day. If you are accepted, then you will stand a chance to generate a healthy income online in the next 30 days.

Check out the homepage >>>

Without further ado, let us share what you will get with the Nuvo Finance system.

The features:

1. Nuvo Finance Algorithm is Based On Technical and Fundamental Analysis.
In case you are new to trading, let us explain what are fundamental and technical analysis. Technical analysis is basically about predicting the price action and market direction by using tools such as candlestick chart, indicators or support and resistance lines. Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, is basically about watching where the market goes by analyzing the news results. If you want to make steady income

If you want to make a steady income with trading, whether stock market, forex trading or binary options trading, you will need to do both technical and fundamental analysis.

Since the algorithm of Nuvo Finance is designed to trade short term positions which last in 15 minutes, it is safe to assume that the software works on oscillators such as MACD, stochastic to confirm the trends through its inbuilt sentiment tool. This feature alone allows the algorithm to make the right decision based on the direction where the market orders flow in.

nuvo finance homepage

2. Trade with both automatic and manual system.
Automatic trading is one great method to make money online and for some newbies, this is actually a great time saver. You don’t need to watch the computer or handphone screen all day. Even better, the Nuvo Finance software operates on a cloud server, which means there is no need to download anything to your PC.

Some traders prefer to watch the chart and market all day – this is actually the other function of Nuvo Finance. The app comes with the features that you will need to make the correct decision. There are features such as the signal calculator (which indicates traders’ sentiments).

3. Neat user interface plus mobile friendly designed
Peter Milen, in other words, the CEO of Nuvo Finance software has taken this app to the next level for mobile users. Mobile phones are getting more popular these days for trading and browsing the web, thus Nuvo Finance app is created so it will fit the screen of your phone. Traders and investors these days don’t have the time to watch the chart all day at home or office. They are always on the move and therefore a real, mobile friendly software dashboard is a big help.

nuvo finance mobile dashboard

4. 83% ITM, which is great for an automated software
Based on the results of beta testers, this software generates an average 83% of in the money (ITM) rate. This is actually something to feel good about since this software is still in its development phase. This means, that the winning rate will get even better as more signals will be added soon into the Nuvo Finance system.

Also, the founder of Nuvo Finance has incorporated ten trading tactics into the algorithm of this system. These indicators/strategies have to match with each other before a signal can be produced. In other words, if the tactic doesn’t match each other, then you won’t be getting the signals and your fund is safe.

5. A great team which supports you 24/7.
This product is backed by a professional support team who is there to answer any of your questions and concerns. This team will work for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In addition to email support, there is also a live chat support which is very neat.

What are the advantages of Nuvo Finance?

1. You don’t need to pay for VPS or additional cost to use this app
If you are familiar with forex EA robots, then you should realize that in addition to the expensive cost of the robot itself, you need to pay monthly for virtual private server (VPS) hosting. Otherwise, the robot won’t operate properly if you are offline. Nuvo Finance system, on the other hand, is different. You don’t need to pay extra for hosting or something like that.

2. You can earn money with very low investment
Professional traders often trade with minimal amount of $500 – $1000 capital. However, this software only requires you to fund your broker account with as little as $250. That is actually the minimum amount that you need to invest in trading. Other than that, you don’t need to pay extra for VPS or something.

3. You are free to choose how much you want to invest for each trade
Thanks to this Nuvo Finance software, users can set the right, specific amounts of money they want to invest for every trade. The minimum amount trade value offered here is $25 with a payout of 80%. Of course, you can adjust this setting accordingly. The main benefit of this function is the fact Nuvo Finance software lets you manage your capital accordingly, to the amount which is available for trading.

4. Perfect for noobs, with easy to use interface and system
The idea behind using the robots is the fact that most traders don’t want to wait for years in order to profit consistently from trading. They also don’t want to spend too much money and time on education about trading, investing or charting software. For people who are looking for such a thing, Nuvo Finance software is just perfect for you. You don’t need to spend too much time learning on how to trade – you just need to operate this software accordingly.

Verdict – Do we recommend Nuvo Finance? Short answer: Yes
Is Nuvo Finance software a scam? In simple words, no it is not. In case you are curious, you can go ahead and sign up for the software because it is free to access. See the dashboard, figure out how this software works and finally decide for yourself whether this software is fit for you or not. You don’t need to deposit any money until you are 100% ready.

Check out the Nuvo Finance system here.

Lazy Trader App is a new binary options product that was released on January 30th, 2016. After looking into this website and the member’s area, we don’t recommend this software to anyone.

It is actually NOT free
According to the website, you can make up to $15,000 per day with their system. Plus, it is being advertised as free, while the fact is, it isn’t. Once you’ve entered your name and real email on the website, you need to deposit $250 into one recommended broker. There is no demo version of this software or something like that.

If you still want to try one of such a software, in other words, which is free to try, we highly recommend that you get the Option Robot ( software. The Option Robot app is really free to try on a demo account. (Read review about Option Robot here).

The $15,000 is just a selling tactic and not even realistic to most people
You might already know this, but Lazy Trader App is actually about making money with binary options. Binary options are one simple method where you can earn money by choosing call or put. For example, if you think that one asset is going up, then choose call. If you think that one particular asset is going down, then choose put.

If your prediction is right, then you will gain back all your capital plus profit. For example, if you choose to trade $100 and your prediction is right, then you will gain $185. The $85 is given by the broker. If the prediction is wrong, then you will lose all $100.

The reason why we explain this to you, is so you have the idea that the $15,000 is not even realistic. There is no way you can earn that kind of money unless if you deposited way too much money into the binary broker account.


The Lazy Trader App software dashboard

This system claims that it is easy to use, suitable for anyone and finally guarantees $15,000 per day with this app. We don’t care at all about the guarantees made by this software since there is no way you can guarantee the success of your users. Obviously whoever appears in the video is an actor pretending to be the creator of Lazy Trader App system. 

Good points about Lazy Trader App software
Over hype sales letter which attracts newbies into their website and grabs the copy of their software. 
The $15,000 promise is actually just a tactics to attract anyone into the binary options trading. However, like being mentioned before in this post, the income claim is actually not realistic, unless if you have tons of money to invest. 

Professional website and video
Another powerful selling point of this website and app is the fact you are presented with a professional looking website and video. Therefore, anyone will want to believe that this app is created by experienced software developer and will really make them money. 

Problems with the Lazy Trader App software
No demo version of this software. In order to make the money, you need to deposit at least $250 into the recommended broker account of Lazy Trader App. While this doesn’t sound really bad, the problem is, there are tons of other automated software like these which allows you to trade and test their system first, without having to spend a dime. (For more information, read our top recommended apps here).

This app doesn’t have the ability to choose your own favorite broker. Another problem with Lazy Trader App system is the fact you need to use only one broker associated with this program. You cannot choose your own broker, which is very bad. A good system must allow you to choose your own binary broker. You should be careful since binary options apps like these usually recommend an only new binary broker, which is not regulated. 

It is not really free like being advertised. While this system claims that you can make money for free with it, the fact is, there is no such thing as free money. You need to sign up by entering your name, email and phone number first. Later on, once inside you need to deposit at least $250 into their recommended broker account in order to profit from this app. 

Final verdict – did we recommend Lazy Trader App?
The short answer is no. Like being mentioned, this is just another trap to lure newbies (probably you) into signing up for another unregulated binary broker. If you are looking for an alternative for Lazy Trader App, we highly recommend that you take a look at our #1 recommended software, Option Robot. Option Robot ( is free to try with a demo account and even better, it recommended a regulated binary broker, which is a sign of a good software. Check out our review of Option Robot here.