United Trading (unitedtrading.cc) is one newly released social trading platform this month. While some people might recommend social trading, we found that United Trading App is somewhat risky to newbies. Keep reading to find out more.

First of all, what is social trading?
This is actually a great concept where anyone can copy your trade, in other words, if you are a professional trader, then you will be able to send signals to fellow traders on when to choose call or when to choose put.

If you are new to make money online, then social trading could be very helpful since you can analyze the market, see how others are doing and avoid tons of mistakes on the way.

What will a newbie get from United Trading?
This is actually a semi-automated trading platform. In other words, you can choose to trade manually by waiting in front of your PC or tablet and then choose call or put. Or you can also enter the automated mode, where you can let this app trade for you.

Are the creators of United Trading for real?
In short, no. We don’t care whoever behind the software app whether they are real persons or not. Most likely, they are just actors hired to represent this company and sell you this app. As you can see in the videos, there are five people inside the team of United Trading App – Professor Anthony Grecko, Jaleel Bashir, Matt Kirby, Adam Fletcher and Lydia.

Why we don’t recommend United Trading to our readers
#1: Social trading, while could be profitable, it is actually not as easy as it sounds. The reason is simple – While you can copy anyone’s signals in this platform, but the problem is, the United Trading community is still new. In other words, it only attracts newbies to sign up, and then share any random signals in the platform.

Think about it this way. If you want to become successful, then you probably have to copy successful traders’ signals to make the money. Otherwise, you will fail, in other words, lose money. The problem is, United Trading is still new and doesn’t have many professional traders inside their member’s area. The majority of them are just newbies, so you will keep getting bad signals.

#2: It is actually not free to try. While you can access the member’s dashboard for free, this platform requires you to deposit at least $250 into the recommended broker, and we don’t recommend that. We highly recommend that you find any broker that comes with a working demo account so you can test the water first, before putting real money on the line.

#3: They are using fake actors, which is somewhat shady marketing tactic in our opinion. Like being mentioned before, the Professor Anthony Grecko is not even a real person. He is actually an actor hired for marketing purposes.

#4: It also comes with an automated mode which is somewhat risky to anyone who wants to make quick and easy money. Anyone who doesn’t have the time to trade and watch the software will want to turn on the automated mode and then make the money. While they might claim that the automated mode could be safe, we actually doubt that, especially since this software doesn’t allow you to test the water first on a demo account.

The next time you want to find an automated software like this, please make sure that you try the app on a working demo account first, before putting real money on the line. You might not know this, but a demo account is actually a trial version of one particular broker, where you can test the tactics or strategies first, before depositing real money on the line. Otherwise, if your strategies fail, then you are not ready yet to switch to a real account.

Verdict and alternatives

Save your money on unitedtrading.cc. There are tons of better software out there where you can try, with rave reviews all over the web. We highly recommend Option Robot, since this software has tons of features which you can choose from. Other than that, you can also take a look at our recommended software list.