There is a new scam being released to the web called Epix Trader by Mark Evans. If you watched the video, Evans says that he and his wife has developed a binary options trading app which is supposed to make you tonnes of money. 

Is Epix Trader really good as it claims to be? Keep reading

Is Epix Trader for free?
One big selling point of Epix Trader and tonnes of other binary options apps we’ve seen before is the fact it is being advertised as free. For one good reason – newbies who are new to online trading are looking for something that will make them money fast, on autopilot, but at the same time, they refuse to spend a dime on programs like this. 

The fact is, this software requires a budget to operate and make it works, in other words, it is not free. Yes, you can see the member’s area of Epix Trader by entering your real name and email as well as a phone number and then you can see how the member’s dashboard looks like. However, in order to make this software works, you still need to deposit 

However, in order to make this software works, you still need to deposit money into their broker account. 

Mark Evans And Tina are not even real person
Did you believe that they are real traders? Sorry to disappoint. They are actually paid, actors. In fact, you are careful enough and read the website agreement page (, it is a confirmation that both of them are paid, actors. As a matter of fact, you cannot expect positive results from this program. 

What if I deposited money into the broker account?
Another big problem with this program is the fact you need to choose only one binary options broker to trade and make the money with their software. They might promise you that you can withdraw the fund anytime, but in reality, that is wrong. 

The broker of Epix Trader is unregulated and therefore, once you’ve deposited money into the broker account, you can to say goodbye to that money forever. In case you are new to binary or forex trading, there is 2 type of brokers. One type is regulated brokers, which obtain the license from a local government, such as CySEC, ASIC and FSA UK. Another type of broker is new brokers, which haven’t yet obtain any license. If you’ve deposited real money into a fake or unregulated broker, then you have to say goodbye to your money forever, because they won’t allow you to

Brokers with valid regulations follow the law of local government, unregulated ones do not. If you’ve deposited real money into a fake or unregulated broker, then you have to say goodbye to your money forever, because they won’t allow you to withdraw. 

Verdict – we don’t recommend Epix Trader to anyone
If you really want to make the money, Epix Trader is not the software that you should go for. While making money with binary trading is possible, but too bad Epix Trader won’t help you to do so. 

What to look for a binary options broker/software
If you want to make money in the long run with binary options or forex trading, then learn the technical analysis yourself. We highly recommend that you do your research and follow the following criteria before choosing a good binary options software:

  • That software must be able to be tested on a demo account. Anyone who is new to trading will tend to make a mistake. Even if the software or trading robot claims to have over than 90% ITM, there is still chances that you will lose money. On the other hand, if the robot can be tested on a demo account first, then that is another story. A demo account is a free trial version of trading account where you will be given tonnes of fake money so you can see whether one particular tactic or strategy will work or not. You can trade with confidence and deposit real money only when ready. 
  • The ability to choose brokers. One broker might have features that others don’t. This is why it is very important for one particular software to give you the ability to choose your own broker. 
  • Lots of customizations. Real traders will trade based on indicators, such as candlestick pattern, MACD, moving average and more. Therefore, it is important that one particular software comes with these customizations, so you can adjust the settings, turn on or off the indicators, manage your budget and more. 

Looking for an alternative?
We highly recommend that you check out our #1 recommended app here, Option Robot. Or you can also check out other alternatives in this post.