There is a new hype surrounding the binary options niche called the 30K Challenge. The concept of 30K Day Challenge is nothing new and this is actually just another scam to trap anyone into purchasing another push button software. It is presented by Joey Altair, someone who claims to be the creator of 30K Challenge system. 

Whoever this Altair person is, he is not even a real person. In fact, he is just a fictional character made for the purpose of this video. In fact, the image of Joey Altair is actually pulled from stock photo images. 

Is there a potential in 30K Challenge?
The short answer is no. While there could be a huge potential in the binary options trading niche, too bad the 30K Challenge is not going to get you anywhere. In fact, this is just another trap to lure you into signing up for another binary options broker and then make you lose times and times again.

Did you curious about the 30K Challenge program? We actually have access to this app
Yes, this software can be accessed for free, as long as you enter your name, email and a phone number into the website. However, once you are inside, you need to deposit at least $250 into the recommended broker account and this is where the problem begins. 

What we are trying to say here, is the fact 30K Challenge software is going to auto trade for you, but even worse, it will drain your money and make you lose as fast as possible. Plus, this software is clearly created by some programmers and not traders who don’t know what they are doing. Let us show you how this app really looks like:

As you can see, there are no settings to control your budget, no indicators involved and nothing that can show you whether the signal is valid or not. In other words, while we believe that the creators of 30K Challenge are good when comes to software programming and also marketing, we also believe that they haven’t made a dime from trading, whether forex or binary options trading. 

Alternative to 30K Challenge and wow does a real trading software looks like
A a good trading program must include indicators such as RSI, stochastic, moving average and more. These are some of the most common indicators being used to trade stock market and forex. We highly recommend that you check out Option Robot as this software not only comes with these indicators settings but also it is actually free to try with a demo account.


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Here’s a little tip when choosing a real trading software
We highly recommend that you find programs that can be tested on a demo account first. You might still new to this, but a there are tonnes of binary options and forex brokers offering a free trial version of trading accounts, known as the demo accounts to their clients. 

A demo account is a version where you will be given fake money, perhaps thousands of dollars to try any strategy and profit from the market. Yes, the next time you want to choose a binary options robot or perhaps a forex robot, please test those on the demo account first, before putting your hard earned cash on the line. 

30K Challenge doesn’t come with a demo account
In case you are wondering, the 30K Challenge app doesn’t include a demo account to their traders. In other words, once you are inside, you need to deposit money into the broker account (yes, real money) and then let this software trade for you. Or you can also trade the market manually, but too bad this product doesn’t have some kind of training videos to help members learning how to trade and profit from the market from scratch. 

If you are looking for a real, legit way to profit from binary options, 30K Challenge is not the software that you should go for. We highly recommend that you check out the Option Robot software or you can read our review here.